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Stonebridge at the Sanctuary


This is a truly stunning home in a prestigious neighborhood in Steamboat Springs "The Sanctuary". This 9700 sq. ft Timber frame house was a beautiful project that we did over the summer of 2007. It has a 900 sq. ft caretakers house with it. This house was all cnc cut douglas fir timber with traditional style and craftsmanship. The house has lots of unique details including timber that rests on giant boulders at the entry and out the living room. The Roof system was a SIP panel system with Tongue and groove knotty pine ceiling. The combination of traditional mortise and tenon pegged joints and the more modern steal connections creates a very warm feel that brings the beauty of the wood close to you. It also has a built in stone pizza oven many fireplaces second floor decks on the bedroom ect. This could inspire your dream home or possibly just a few ideas for your custom design. We can help you from design to completion with all types of homes.

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